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Our team researches all the manufacturers' policies so you don't have to.
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Express Return

Save time and money by printing a shipping label and sending us a box of all your expired pharmaceuticals. Your pharmacist or technician need not create a packing slip, our team will create an invoice for you after processing your received pharmaceuticals.


Self Service Return

Our state of the art website allows your pharmacist or technician to easily create a packing slip of all your expired pharmaceuticals. A shipping label is provided along with a custom pickup date.


Onsite Return

Schedule one of our regional representatives to pull expired pharmaceuticals onsite. We'll create an invoice while there and can demo the website as well.


Disposal Service

We also provide a flat rate disposal service for all your non-returnable pharmaceuticals. Login and read our Pricing Policy for details.


Save time. Get credit.

Our team is ready to help your business recoup money and build trust.
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People Love Us

We believe in building a good relationship with our customers. Relationships require trust. So allow us to service you and start building trust, like we have with so many others.

We need every edge available out there to make a profit. Our local Flash Returns rep picked our shelves quickly, with no interruption to our workflow. When the check came in they reviewed the results with me, I was amazed! We had been sitting on over $25,000 in returnable inventory. My only regret is my expired drug practices (or lack of really!) the last 6 years. You focus on your practice, let Flash handle the returns.

Joey H. RPh in Birmingham, AL

My PIC has more tasks set up for me than I have time, I’m our senior tech. Expired drugs are one of the easiest things to skip over with the constant other issues filling 2-300 Rxs daily with a small staff. Flash Returns let me send a box of items I picked, and they had it inventoried with an estimate of the value sent back on the website within a few days. Super easy! When the check came I was the hero haha, thanks Flash!

Traci W. Senior CPhT in Trussville, AL