March 2019 Newsletter

Raising the bar.

Independent pharmacies are raising the bar.
What does that mean exactly? It means that as you are reading this, there are thousands of independents realizing their vision of providing world-class healthcare while improving profitability and optimizing business operations.
Do we work in a tough industry? Yes.

Are there factors outside of our control that bring down reimbursements? Yes.
Is there something you can do to improve the profitability of your business? Yes!
In our free eBook, The Pharmacy Blueprint for Massive ROI, PDS outlines three strategies any independent pharmacy can implement to begin seeing improvement in their business immediately.
You’ll learn how to...

  • Uncover profit generating opportunities without acquiring new customers
  • Develop programs that to engage and retain your most lucrative patients
  • Tap into niche markets by leveraging strategic partnerships with businesses such as Flash Returns and local community prescribers and providers

These strategies aren’t just theory. The fact is that our industry is evolving and if we don’t change with it, we won’t be here anymore. You can run the successful and profitable business that you set out to create at the start, and here is your blueprint.

Download PDS' free eBook

Dr. Lisa Faast
Pharmacy Development Services
VP of Business Development and New Services

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