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Frequently Asked Questions

We will hold and products until they fall inside the credit window, which is different for every manufacturer. However, a good rule of thumb is within three months of expiration for brands and one month for generics.
Part of our expertise is knowing and navigating the myriad of policies different manufacturers have for returns. In general though, manufacturers who have been in business for five years credit returns, while new manufacturers do not.
Brand name manufacturers will typically credit partials and generic manufacturers will not. This is not a constant rule though, as manfacturer policies vary a great deal.
No, you do not. These items are not returned the same way as other drugs – they are only sent for destruction.
Controlled substances are processed separately and cannot be sent to Flash Returns. However, you can generate a label in our platform for C3-5 drugs to be sent directly to our destruction vendor. C2s will require a 222 form which can also be requested in our platform. There is also no additional charge for controlled substances to be destroyed with a creditable return.
With our new Flash Cash program, you can get paid within 30 days for a slightly higher surcharge! Outside of Flash Cash, the turnaround for payment varies based on the manufacturer. We do make every possible effort to get your product credit within 60 days, but some manufacturers take more than 120 days, some even up to 240 days. We are always happy to discuss turnaround times and our platform make the process as transparent as possible.


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